About Asedeva


ASEDEVA (Art for Social and Economic Development in Africa) is an Art non profit organization working in Tanzania with the aim to organize various Cultural and Art Projects, Events and Trainings for Artists and Create Performances benefitting local artist and groups, and the Tanzanian performing arts community as a whole.

ASEDEVA aims to build the capacity of the community to be able to engage in solving their own social issues through the creative industry. We believe in the power of the creative arts to be a force of positive change. ASEDEVA is legally registered under BRELA (Business Registrations and Licensing Agency) and BASATA (National Arts Council) in Tanzania


The vision of ASEDEVA is to allow the artistic gifts of Tanzanians to serve as a source of human, social and economic development.


ASEDEVA will achieve its vision by:

1. Increasing the quantity and quality of professional performances and training opportunities in Tanzania;

2. Encouraging individuals, institutions and governments to support and invest in the Arts in Tanzania.

3. Serving as a platform to link the Tanzanian performing community with artistic networks and audiences worldwide;

4. Producing artworks that specifically address social and economic issues relevant to Tanzanian communities and performing the artworks for those communities;

5. Creating a platform for intercultural collaborations among artists from different social and economic backgrounds, including new talent identification and promotion of experimental works;

6. Establishing a world-class creative training and performance center in Tanzania.